Dutch and Flemish artists spent months, sometimes years, painting a masterpiece. In today's fast-paced age, we can borrow from past works of art to gain inspiration in creating floral design arrangements that are completed in one afternoon. Plant species in many Dutch paintings did not all bloom in the same season. Similar to dried arrangements, they used flowers and seedpods collected over a period of time.

In this vase, spring-pressed ferns and leaves provide a backdrop for summer-dried Zinnia, Tansy, Goldenrod, and Yarrow flowers. An autumn cascade of Wild Yam cases and an array of Lotus, Trumpet Vine, and Fern seedpods nestle gently against soft flora to evoke the idea of seedtime and harvest or death and rebirth. 

Still-life paintings of the seventeenth century celebrated the beauty of flora and exemplified the concept that while life is short, art is long. An everlasting display of botanicals is reminiscent of this same idea.

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