A glow of warm afternoon sun streams through the studio windows, as I chip away at making  everlasting flower bouquets for a June wedding. The vernal equinox has already occurred, giving way to longer days of sunshine and a pleasant growing season. The heady scent of lavender, eucalyptus, and roses emit from the bunches of dried flowers laying on my work table as I contemplate the elegance of everlastings. 

Is it any wonder the Victorian past time of drying flowers is making a comeback? Fresh flowers are short-lived. They bloom, wither, and die within days and cost a small fortune. The desire to retain their fleeting beauty has always attained an enduring appeal; however, the dried arrangements of the early 1990's were anything but long-lasting in style. 

Preserving colorful blooms as artful floral displays can be satisfying and economical, but it can be an extremely tedious and fragile task for even the skilled laborer, which is probably why many people continue to use fresh florals. I still believe the long lasting beauty of dried flowers to be worth the extra effort.

What flowers will you be drying this season?