Everlasting Victorian Florals

The traditional wreath as-we-know-it, is re-invented before our eyes with this floral motif inspired by pastoral tapestry wallpaper and vintage book plates of the Victorian era. More and more elements of nature are being used in decorative ways by combining old world style with new materials.

A garland of dried hops, with plenty of leaves still attached, serves as the wreath's oval base. It is embellished with aged Lily of the Valley leaves that have yellow, white Lilies, Mock Orange, Goldenrod, and Peony flowers. The faded foliage gives the look of yesteryear and an impression of bygone days.

Most suitable for older homes and historic mansions, this ensemble can be surprisingly striking, with the appropriate installation, in modern-style homes as well.

Are you beginning to see Everlasting Victorian Florals differently?