Becoming attuned to the little things that are ever changing in our daily environment is a constant source of joy and delight for me. The minimal differences in the shifting landscape and weather patterns brings newness to the everyday. Taken at sundown, these photos capture evening's light casting its shadows upon the woodland path near my home.  I discovered a simple poem to share that moment's peace with you.



"The laughter of the summer stream is stilled now...

It whispers lonesomely beside the woodland path.

Birch and maple scatter tapestries

where ghost of Chippewa and Crow roam.

Ash trees flaunt their scarlet fruit,

and from bronzed oaks the acorns fall.

A grosbeak warbles his delight atop Norway pine.

These are the plenteous days, 

when heaven hears the harvest songs of earth.

Like purple velvet, twilight falls upon the land,

And feathered migrants soar

in arrowed lines across the Hunter's Moon."



Take joy in your day,