This morning I set out to fashion a blog-worthy bouquet to demonstrate the beauty of seed pods, puffs, and plumes. Seedpods and everlastings are ripe for the pickin in autumn and can go directly into a vase or container without any further processing or drying steps. Designing with native plants over the years has made me appreciate the amazing possibilities pods have to offer.

This bouquet is created with three simple materials:

Honesty, a flat silvery-colored pod commonly referred to as Money Plant or Lunaria Silver Dollar. A childhood memory of mine includes using these 'silver dollars' as currency while playing "store" with my siblings....in those days silver dollar coins were still exchanged at cash registers.

The plumes of Yellow Salsify wildflowers create delicate spherical puffs in this arrangement. I discovered them growing in a dry drainage ditch last June. Once picked, I carefully brought the stems indoors and sprayed them with a thin layer of hair spray. If handled gently, they cooperate quite well in arrangements.

The wispy bronze plumes are stems of Indian Fall Grass which gracefully sways in the center pyramid of my Native Grass Garden I planted a few years ago. It stands six to eight feet in height.

This elegant arrangement of pods, plumes, and puffs gives a hint of autumn without using blaring color palettes of orange and red. It alludes to the anticipation of winter's calming reprieve, rest, and renewal.

May you be inspired to create a seedpod bouquet this fall.