Autumn is my favorite foraging season. Seeds are ripening, nuts are falling, roots need digging, and leaves require pressing.  In summer, I look forward to these perfect fall days without bugs, cool breezes, and cloudless blue skies.

On my foraging walk today I gathered Milkweed Pods, Indian Corn Mallow Pods, Foxtails, and Turkey Feathers.

 This evening while watching the sun go to rest, I separated Honesty seeds, otherwise known as Money Plant, to expose their silver lining. Thanks to a dear friend, I have Honesty growing profusely in my wildflower garden.  This same woman, I might add, is responsible for the seed propagation of many native flowers growing along the country roads of our farming valley. In honor of her legacy, I continue to scatter wild seeds on my foraging paths for all those who follow.

Happiness is...

knowing a flower will grow where you've planted a seed.