Above Picture from Left to Right: Brown Yarrow Pods, White Pearly Everlasting, and Gray Penny Royal

This week I collected four different varieties of Nature-Dried Botanicals to use in this week's floral design. These plants air dry completely in the wild without any assistance required. Mother Nature does all the work for you, all you have to do is pluck them from the field and use them in a creative endeavor to beautify your living space.

  The lacy seed heads of Nature-Dried Plants were the first to attract me to dried flowers, and I have been using them in floral arranging some 25 years. They are not the least bit fragile which makes them very forgiving and long lasting in dried bouquets of all kinds.

The four plants listed below are some of the easiest to identify and can be harvested from now until spring. It is best to store these stems upright in wooden crates or cardboard boxes to allow air circulation and prevent mold if you do not use them right away.


A List of Common Nature-Dried Botanicals

Penny Royal - Gray Color

 Pearly Everlasting - White Color

Yarrow Pods - Rust Tones

Queen Anne's Lace - Brown Tones


Nature's storeroom is overflowing with air-dried plants ready for the picking. Perhaps this week's arrangement will inspire you to go outdoors and claim your bouquet of precious weeds.

Happy Foraging,