This centerpiece, composed of Nature-Dried Plants, brings the essence of autumn fields right to the foyer table. Pearly Everlasting, Penny Royal, Yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace are effortlessly dried by Mother Nature herself. They create this subtle, yet stunning, display of botanicals in an antique aluminum bowl shown above. 

While in the field gathering these stems, I began creating this bouquet with the bountiful weeds surrounding me. Upon returning to the studio, I knew exactly which container would complement this centerpiece best. 

The lines and texture of the hammered aluminum emphasizes the gray seed heads of the Penny Royal flower, while the height and width of the container allows the bouquet to fall in a relaxed-mounded arch reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg design. No water or oasis is needed to sustain this piece since the flowers are completely dry.  Within less than ten minutes, my centerpiece was finished and ready for the fireplace mantle for a cozy evening supper by candlelight.

Hickory nuts and squirrel-eaten walnut shells enhance the rustic beauty of this arrangement by adding an unexpected twist and harvest theme.

 When we decorate our homes with seasonal displays of nature, it helps to keep the brisk weather and longer evenings from lowering our spirits.