This impressive floral bouquet showcases a humble weed. It illustrates the power of design over material. These tiny pink flowers caught my attention while taking an afternoon walk. Their abundance of flowering stalks amidst the waning corn fields enchanted me and within minutes I picked a wispy mound of wild pretties. Upon arriving home, I placed them directly into a classic milk-glass pedestal vase brimming with water. No arranging was required except to add several foxtails for a bit of interest.

This humble weed, as I later discovered, has a big name: The Pennsylvania Smartweed and it grows rapidly in disturbed moist soils. It stays fresh for several days before wilting and dropping florets when picked early in its blooming period.

Why buy flowers when you can gather them right outside your door? 

Why bother to even pick flowers you may ask?

Because flowers brighten our world and make us happy.


With warm & happy thoughts,