Pressed ferns are excellent fillers in dried floral arrangements and exceptional material for pressed botanicals. These friendly plants grow in wide groves making them easy to identify and gather. In early October, they slowly fade from tones of green to beautiful shades of brown. It is, in my opinion, impossible to gather too many ferns for creative endeavors and the more variety in color, the better the collection.

When pressing large amounts of ferns, I don't use books or flower presses. I layer them between sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface stacking them on top of each other, then press them down with a weighted plywood board. Here are a few tips for pressing large amounts of ferns or other leafy foliage:



Collect clean, dry specimens then choose a drying location that is warm, dark, and dry.

On a wooden floor or table, place ferns or leaves on a flat sheet of tissue paper (or old newspaper).

Repeat this procedure for a total of three layers ending with an additional piece of tissue paper.

Place a heavy sheet of plywood on top of the stack to flatten the stems.

Leave for several weeks until dry. 

Remove the specimens carefully and store them in boxes with tissue paper between each layer.


"I wander down a country lane past meadows cool and sweet,

Where oak and maple lend their shade and ferns grow at my feet."

Happy Gathering,