Goldenrod is praised as an excellent remedy for kidney disorders and healing diseases of the urinary tract. This medicinal plant is found growing on hillsides and wayside meadows along country roads.  Maria Treben, famed herbalist and author writes this about goldenrod:

"All emotions are worked off through the kidneys. Therefore they are the most affected after an emotional shock, be it a death in the family or any other accident, Goldenrod proves its worth as a medicinal plant which influences the human emotions most favorably. It should therefore be drunk without delay in cases of disappointments and emotional stress. We feel the soothing effect of this plant almost like a calming and caressing hand in severe emotional stress."

Maria also says that "Even the sight of the Goldenrod in nature has a calming effect on us. We should be thankful that there grows a plant around us which can bring us such comfort."  A Goldenrod Infusion is not only beneficial for the kidneys, but is also helpful in relieving hay fever symptoms such as congestion and itchy eyes....contrary to popular belief, Goldenrod is not an allergy-causing plant.  In fact, Goldenrod has very little pollen at all.  This Goldenrod Infusion Recipe is easy to assemble and will make all the difference in your health: 


1 Cup Boiling Water  |  1 Tablespoon of Dried Goldenrod Flowers & Leaves

(or 2 Tablespoons of Fresh Flowers & Leaves)  |  Steep covered for 15 minutes


Sip 2 to 3 cups during the day


Gather Goldenrod just as the flowers begin to open. Hang bunches to dry in cool-dry place until brittle.

Remove flowers and leaves from stem and store in canister.

Read more about drying Goldenrod in this week's Gather & Wildcraft post.

Just remember that medicinal herbs heal the body gently over time but the effects are permanent.

Stay well,