An artful display of wildflowers is a reminder of the unstructured balance and harmony found in nature.  Good floral design often emulates the natural world and the turning seasons. 

An afternoon walk along a country road is all that is required for gathering a gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers.  This vintage crock is filled with Black-Syed Susans picked on my morning stroll.  Their cheery faces lifted towards a beam of sunlight in a nearby over-grown hedgerow calling out to be plucked from the twisted mire.  Mullein spikes, Solidago, Dock, and curly Bittersweet vine add a bit of contrast to the foliage assimilating the way the Black-Eyed Susans grow naturally. 

Summer provides endless flora and designing materials for embellishing our homes and feathering our nests with beauty and serenity.  Bringing the wild heartiness of the outdoors inside creates a quick pick-me-up to enhance any indoor environment. 

Drawing inspiration from nature is a delightful journey that never ends.