At mid-day the insects hiss, the hot sun smolders, and the humid breeze feels stifling on the woodland trail.  Whirling drones of locust echo through the forest in brassy monotones gaining speed and volume before gracefully dropping to silence. 

In this stillness, a fluffy thistledown glides across my path catching an ever-so-slight pocket of air.  The weightless parachute journeys aloft several minutes before landing in a distant field to start new thistles colonies next season.

 As I ponder the plant's life cycle and fundamental laws of nature, I realize that a seed must die to live.

Like any great endeavor, it requires a sacrificial laying down of one's life....often in the form of giving something up or letting go, or paying YOUR dues to reach one's fullest potential and destiny.  Seeds of success, like seeds of thistles, must be sown and cultivated in good faith and a belief in the natural law of nature itself.

So like the thistle, throw your seeds of ambition to the wind and let them multiply.  

In due time you'll reap a bountiful harvest....for it is the law of nature.