The harvest is plentiful this time of year and is exceptionally busy for those of us who forage, gather and preserve for the winter. It seems that flowers, herbs, roots, fruits and vegetables all need to be harvested at once.

Today I'm clipping hydrangeasea oats, hops and sedum tops before they begin to turn brown. I plan to make a fresh arrangement with some of the material later this week. To dry the flowers, I simply combine the stems with a rubber band and hang them upside down in the drying loft.


These plants are some of the easiest "foolproof" stems to dry for winter arrangements. If they are clipped in their green stage just before turning brown, they'll retain their vibrant color for many months.

There is something therapeutic about the process of gathering and bunching flower stems to dry. Sigmund Freud once said,

"Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts."

Something to ponder,