The Study of a Flowering Branch by Jean Baptiste Robie painted in 1871 is the inspiration behind this still-life arrangement. In this painting a branch of white mountain ash is effortlessly depicted by highlighting the white blossoms to emerge dramatically from the shadows.

To create a similar effect, I combined hops, sedum, and hydrangea. Then strategically staged the photos so the lighting would elude to the colors and textures of Robie's painting. Bartlett pears in shades of pale green and golden yellow further complement the arrangement's color palette and capture the essence of a classic still life painting.

A brass bowl, filled with a water-soaked oasis, grounds this centerpiece for long-lasting appeal. As the flowers slowly dry, the arrangement naturally has retained its beautiful color and has now become a permanent/everlasting statement in my home.

It's always beneficial to bring some flowers indoors before winter.

You'll be glad you did when summer's glory has passed.