This still-life arrangement of garden and native blooms is the essence of September. White zinnia, yellow yarrow, green hydrangea, and red sumac blend harmoniously with seasonal foliage for a stunning display of late summer. 

Rosy peaches, a ripe cantaloupe, and clusters of hickory nuts complete the scene.

Still-life painting, as an independent genre, flourished in Northern Europe during the early 1600s-1800s. For wealthy merchants and collectors, a beautiful flower picture was cherished as much as a library filled with botanical books and a garden full of rare specimens. The rise of still-life painting brought an emphasis to the home and diversions of everyday life. The highly refined execution of still-life floral subjects and symbolism were addressed to a cultivated audience.

The elegance of this design has remained a traditionally classic style and has reemerged in floral design this season.

You can create your own still life by simply displaying this season's fruit with an arrangement of fresh flowers. It is a beautiful way to enjoy this floral trend and quickly spruce up your home.