Evening Primrose is worth its weight in gold! The seeds of this lovely night-flowering bloom contain an oil rich in gamma-linolenic acid....a substance that continues to draw medical interest for physicians and herbalists alike. This oil helps to alleviate PMS, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, obesity, and it shows promise in aiding the fight against heart disease and cancer.


Evening Primrose is an herb worth getting to know and appreciate. For centuries Native American women used Evening Primrose seeds to relieve premenstrual problems by chewing them. The Cherokees made a root tea to help them lose weight. Shaker colonists promoted wound healing and settled stomach upset with the plant's vitamin rich leaves. Today many people purchase the oil in capsule form, but you can save plenty of money and gain better nutrition if you collect the seeds yourself. Capture the goodness of this plant in the methods listed below.


For chewing or grinding as a cereal topping

"Evening Primrose can be harvested all winter long. I have gathered as much as a pound during a two-hour outing. And whether you gather the seeds yourself or purchase them at a natural food store or pharmacy, there's nothing to stop you from using Evening Primrose to treat PMS."   - James A. Duke, Ph.D | The Green Pharmacy

You can also add Evening Primrose seeds to bran muffins, granolas, and chia & flax seed puddings. A teaspoon to one tablespoon of seeds should suffice for a daily supplement.


How to make Evening Primrose Oil

Gather Evening Primrose flowers free of moisture. Fill a sterilized jar with flowers. Pour olive oil over flowers until covered. Remove air bubbles and tighten lid. Shake daily for two weeks. Strain to remove flowers.

Note: This oil is edible and medicinal. It can be used on salads or as a healing ointment for skin rashes.


The beauty of Evening Primrose is far more than meets the eye.