Now the delight of picking delicious woodland blackberries can be enjoyed in the convenience of your own home.  The wildness of this Fresh Blackberry Arrangement, nestled in a rugged salt-glazed crock made with the hands of local potters almost a century ago, creates a welcoming and inviting centerpiece to any farmers table.  Since the berries may be plucked and enjoyed as they ripen, this statement piece gives "edible arrangements" a new twist by offering an earthy appeal to grazing.

The idea for this berry bouquet came while clearing the woodland's edge of bramble bushes.  Instead of tossing the thorny canes on the compost heap, I decided to keep them in water to encourage the ripening process and make easy hors d'oeuvres all week long.

I added a few additional leaves and heads of Spirea to provide a soft background for the lush green, red, and purple berries.

Open your mind to nature's storehouse. You will never be disappointed!