Just being outdoors with a mindset to glean and gather presents unexpected a delicious snack of the sweetest sun-ripened raspberries ever tasted and a pristine raven feather found in the swaying grass. As you may know, a feather on your path is a sign that good things are to come.  Today on my herbal walk, I was searching for wild yarrow.  As always, I gathered more than anticipated and returned with a large bunch of Yarrow blooms, Yellow Dock, Queen Anne's Lace, White Clover, Fleabane Daisy, and Woodland Ferns for designing and drying.

Wildcrafting is a treasure hunt full of possibilities and benefits.  Spending time in the sun's warmth and nature's fresh air wards off depression, and clears the mind to think in creative and positive ways. 

Try disconnecting from the "wired world" this weekend, and allow yourself to connect to the stillness and peacefulness of the "natural world".

Give yourself permission to live well.