Queen Anne's Lace exemplifies the simplicity and grace of wildflowers.  It is known as an indispensable 'filler' in almost any summer arrangement, but can also stand alone as the main focal point (as shown above).  In this arrangement Queen Anne's Lace is accompanied with White Yarrow and Sea Oats.

Commercial blooms have their purpose in the florist industry, but I have found wildflowers to be some of the most staunch reliables for longevity and lasting beauty.  Mixed arrangements that do not last for more than three days are considered a failure by most floral designers, and I would agree with that too!

The secret to keeping Queen Anne's Lace from wilting is hydration.  Place fresh stems in water for six to eight hours (overnight) in a cool dark place before arranging.  This enables the slender stems to stand upright and allows them to be easily inserted into wet floral foam. 

 Nature seems to offer an endless supply of lacy blooms for our enjoyment.  Why not pick a bouquet of fresh Queen Anne's Lace for your dinner table this evening?

Life is celebrated in flowers,