Honeybees love Hyssop.  No matter if the weather is sunshine or rain, this perennial herb is swarming with bees and butterflies...I think this is the first indication that Hyssop must be good for you.  It is especially healing and cleansing for the lungs.  This respiratory cleansing herb works fast to help expel phlegm and restore a healthy lung lining for those who experience coughing fits, allergies, asthma, recurring respiratory infections, smoking damage or poor breathing.  

The leaves, stems, and flowers can be used to make an herbal tea.  Just the scent of this delightful tonic seems to immediately improve my breathing.  This remedy does not relieve sudden wheezing, but it slowly cleanses and strengthens the lungs overtime when taken daily.


1 Tablespoon dried Hyssop flowers/leaves (3 Tablespoons fresh)

1 Cup Boiling Water

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Tablespoon Raw Honey (optional)



Pour boiling water over Hyssop & Cinnamon.

Steep covered for 10 minutes and strain.

Slowly drink and deeply inhale the steam into your lungs.

Dosage: Repeat twice daily.

This tea is not intended for pregnant or nursing women.


Cut 5 stems of Hyssop just as the plant begins to flower.  Secure stems with a rubber band and hang upside-down in a hot attic for several weeks until brittle.  Remove dried leaves and flowers and store in a brown bag or container with a label and date.

Hyssop is another Herbal Tea Remedy for winter medicinal supplies.

Breathe free,