During one of my hiking excursions last week, I came upon a plant similar to Japanese Lanterns.  On closer inspection I noticed that the delicate-papery pods contained a small yellow cherry.  I then decided to take a few stems home only to find that the whole plant uprooted very I ended up getting more than I bargained for.  

I learned from my Amish friend that this plant is known as Ground Cherry or Husk Tomato.  She uses it to make a savory fruit pie.  I cannot say that I am a fan of this pie, but for others it may be a very tasty treat.

 Since I'm always looking for untraditional plants and flowers to design with, I created this effortless summer centerpiece (above).  I chose a pedestal vase to add height and sophistication to the arrangement by allowing the papery lanterns to spill over the sides.  After arranging the greens A-symetrically, I spotted bright red Bee Balm flowers blooming in the garden from my studio window, and viola....this unpretentious crimson herb became the perfect complement to the sculptural lime-green pods of the Ground Cherry. 

I do believe....and am becoming more convinced, that any plant can be used creatively in floral design.  One must only be brave, daring, and willing to break some standard rules.  Isn't that what being creative is about anyways?

Try something new,