While designing centerpieces this week, I couldn't resist making an herbal nosegay with all the leftover flowers scattered around the studio table.  Herbal nosegays are extremely popular for summer weddings, but have been used since the Victorian Era to sweetly scent rooms.  Bee Balm flowers, stems of Balsam tea, and Spearmint combine to create a sensuously-appealing garden bouquet.  This cluster of herbs is nestled in a bed of looped Field Corn and Sorghum leaves to give an appearance of wide flowing ribbons. 

Nosegays often express sentiments of The Language of Flowers, an age-old expression of lovers and florists alike.  Here is a poetry excerpt from this book published in 1875:

There is a language "little known",

Lovers claim it as their own.

It's symbols smile upon the land,

wrought by natures wondrous hand;

and in their silent beauty speak,

of life and joy, to those who seek

for love divine and sunny hours

in the language of the flowers.

The herbs used in the bouquet (pictured above) have the following meaning:

Balsam - Ardent Love   |    Mint - Virtue  |    Bee Balm - Pleasantry  |   Corn - Riches


Wishing you a day of sweet sentiments,