While shopping last holiday season I discovered a unique blend of Earl Grey & Lavender Tea. This combination of pungent herbs has an absolutely heavenly scent and flavor.  Recently, I have been trying conjure that same taste and aroma using my own garden's dried Lavender and Bee Balm harvest (just to note: Bee Balm, also referred to as Monarda or Oswego, is similar to the bergamot used in Earl Grey Tea).  Even as I write this, I am sipping my own concoction of this flavorful tea steeped with freshly picked Bee Balm flowers and Lavender buds.

Drying your own tea ensures freshness and guarantees a chemical free, organic product with little cost compared to specialty tea brands.

When blending tea, it is important to experiment with flavors that satisfy your palette.  Feel free to change the ratio or measurements of flowers to create your own blend.  Keep in mind that Lavender buds add a sweet flavor but leave an oily aftertaste that may over power the subtle citrus flavor of Bee is my recipe:


1/4 teaspoon dried organic Lavender buds

1 tablespoon of dried Bee Balm leaves

2 cups boiling water

Steep covered 5 minutes

Strain & Sweeten if desired.

Drink slowly & enjoy

 Garden tea in winter is a reminder of summer past and a promise of spring to come.

Sip away,