This botanical wreath embodies a summer's evening laden with the luscious scent of sweet Honeysuckle and Mock Orange.  As two of my favorite flowers, it brings me great delight to preserve these delicate blooms permanently.  In yesterday's post I demonstrated the Silica Gel Method for drying these fragile blooms. This is my final result.  The flower structure is incredibly life-like in color and form.  

Like the arrangements of the Victorian and Colonial eras, this wreath utilizes native materials gathered from the garden and surrounding landscape.  Honeysuckle, with its leaves remaining on the vine, forms a dainty oval base.  This leafy base was then dried in a hot attic for two days before proceeding to the next step of embellishing it with Mock Orange flowers.  After several days of drying, the wreath and flowers were ready for assembly.  A dab of hot glue secured flowers into place creating a simple yet elegant baroque design with little effort.

This botanical statement adds a tranquil motif to grand entryways and farmhouse mantles alike.