On June evenings at my house the heavenly citrus scent of Mock Orange flowers wafts through the front porch.  These delicate blossoms beg to be preserved in some fashion for potpourris, wreaths, and garlands.  Undecided as to which drying method I would use, I put about two dozen Mock Orange flowers (face down) on a mesh screen to air dry.  Then I placed another two dozen in silica gel to absorb moisture.

The results were entirely different. The silica gel flowers dried perfectly without crumbling or changing their form....however, the air-dried flowers reduced to half their original size and shriveled immensely with petals curled.

If you're thinking of drying Mock Orange flowers anytime soon, or any delicate flower for that matter (a bridal bouquet perhaps), I suggest drying them in silica gel.  Tomorrow I will showcase a preserved Mock Orange and Honeysuckle wreath made with silica flowers. 

Silica Gel really does preserve fresh blooms beautifully...give it a try and see what you think.

The joys of living and learning,