Angelica is a wild herb that grows profusely along fence rows and roadways in our farming valley.  Its simple beauty and delicate intricacy often goes unnoticed and unappreciated by onlookers.  Angelica seedpods provide the perfect texture and color contrast for flowers of all kinds, while its dainty-yellow florets, tropical-shaped leaves, and luscious seed heads look delightful in relaxed arrangements for summer weddings and events.  Only recently did I discover this plant when I needed a lime-green filler to complement red knock-out roses for a last minute occasion.  

 Angelica is more that just a floral filler, it has culinary and medicinal benefits too.  Some of these benefits include cleansing teas for tired eyes, rejuvenating the skin, flavoring drinks or cocktails, and crystallizing the stems for candied decorations.  These are the reasons why Angelica has earned its place in my herb garden.  Learn to identify this wild plant growing in wastelands and meadows, and maybe you'll want to harvest seeds for your own garden.

Tomorrow's post will showcase a design utilizing this plentiful herb.

Happy Gathering,