These flowering herbs, picked during an early morning walk, yield an unexpected and pleasing centerpiece for the foyer table.  Combining the humble plants of Angelica and Cleavers encourages an atmosphere of natural serenity indoors.  Their charm and simplicity is reminiscent of the quiet countrysides where they were gathered. 

 In this arrangement, fluffy-white stems of Cleaver flowers give a cloud-like airiness to lacy Angelica seed heads; both blooms add a burst of lemony sunshine to a pensive farmhouse table.  Wildflowers placed in a translucent crystal vase, illuminated by a stream of morning light, create an understated yet stunning display of summertime grander.  Lush garden strawberries casually tumbling over the vase's rim, evoke a sense of country charm to the piece.  In all I have to say, common weeds have such timeless beauty.

Keep it real,