The scent of freshly mowed hay is exhilarating.  Long rows of grain dry in the hot smoldering sun.  Killdeer and barn swallows glide effortlessly over hay stubbles feasting on insect hatches.  Tractors and wagons rumble over wooden plank bridges and gravel field lanes transporting sweet-smelling hay bales into dusty barn lofts.

The heritage of tilling the soil is past down from generation to generation in this valley.  Those who meander our back country roads observe various farming methods from horse-drawn wagons to high-tech tractors.  These farmers toil the fields with respect to their ancestors, families and faith. 

 To some, this lifestyle may seem obtainable only in dreams...that is, for those of us who want to return to the basics of life.  It seems to be a prevalent mindset in western culture that reviving organic means of living will set us free or maybe contribute to well-being.  As much as I agree with this - I think it is the slow-paced life of the farmer that we can most learn from...I believe living in harmony with the seasons has always been a choice...whether you're a farmer or not, and keeping tempo with the earth has many benefits left unrevealed...until you try it for yourself. 

May you live in the slow lane,