Each summer, the woodlands of Pennsylvania bask in the majestic glow of countless pink and white mountain laurel blossoms.  I watch with anticipation for that magical moment when blooms reach their peak and schedule a drive through the state park lands, forests and countrysides to take in the pictorial views.  By mid-June, this understory-evergreen shrub is sprawling with blooms on sunny mountainsides from one end of the state to the other.  

On this morning we hiked the mountain behind our home and witnessed some of the most breathtaking scenes of mountain laurel glistening in the sparkling sunlight and moist air lingering from rains of the previous night.  Rising early allowed us to awaken a young fawn who christened us by gently sniffing our clothes before running for cover.  As I slowly walked down the mountainside on an old logging trail, I realized that we had traveled the state in search of grand mountain laurel vistas only to find the best views were right outside our backdoor.