Chamomile is a sweet scented herb that delights the mind and brings health to the body.  Historically grandmothers and village herbalists spent summer afternoons collecting and drying various plants for apothecary supplies to handle life's illnesses and ailments.

A cup of chamomile flower tea was and still is a general tonic and sedative for restlessness and insomnia if taken one hour before bedtime. It is safe for children and adults.  When taken morning and night, tummy aches, fevers, and PMS cramps can be relieved with a hot cup of chamomile tea.

Drying chamomile flowers in summer ensures plenty of herbal tea in colder months (pictured above is the beginning of my dried stash for this winter).  Why buy chamomile when you can gather it in the fields and meadows right now?  Here is my fail-proof recipe for classic chamomile tea:


1 Cup boiling water

4 T. of fresh flowers (2 T. of dried flowers)

Steep 5 minutes

Strain and sip

Just a note: if you are allergic to ragweed or pollen, please use chamomile cautiously.

Live well,