Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's post.  To build your curiosity, this week's centerpiece will not have one single bloom in it - Mayapple leaves will steal the show.  My inspiration for this design came while gathering gorgeous Mayapple stems from the forest floor (they literally begged to be included in this array of foliage).  I picked a handful of stems for experimentation and thought sure they would wilt before getting them to water; to my surprise, they proved to be hardy with great lasting color and shape for over a week.

The floral industry cannot compete with the wealth of fresh greens and flowers about our feet.  Learning the meditative art of gathering, preserving plants, and designing with florals is a privilege available to all.  Here are a few tips to get started collecting your own greens and foliage this summer.


Take a pair of clippers and a basket when scouting for design material. 

Be open to experimenting with all types of plants, shrubs, and branches.

Include a variety of leaf shapes, buds, and interesting branches. 

Imperfections add a realistic natural look as found in nature.

 Immediately upon returning, hydrate stems in water for several hours.

Leafy foliage is the backbone of any arrangement.

The choices are endless.

Happy Gathering,