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This old familiar logging trail beckons me into the wild unknown.  Unlike vistas of grand expansive views, the woodlands have a humbling welcome; sheltered with towering trees and leafy canopies masking the sun from the cool moist earth.  My focus is directed towards the path ahead and my mind is free to drift into a zen mode.  

Slipping away from everyday distractions awakens the subconscious stirrings of my mind and in this quiet solitude and stillness, I can think more clearly.

Instead of scanning the horizon, I concentrate on the task at hand: one foot in front of the other.  The quite tapping of my feet against the leaves melts into a deeper rhythm of thought.  Everything else fades into the background as my mind becomes uncluttered, more settled, and restful. 

These times of contemplation guide me in pathways of inner peace. Nature holds a key in this clarifying process of seeking one's self in a familiar place called home.