Tulips are the glory of spring.  Gardeners across the globe prize these dependable bulbs for their vibrance and color in early spring.  I never fail to make at least one arrangement showcasing their delightful beauty each year.  This May Bouquet is inspired by 18th Century Florals.  Red and orange tulips offset soft purple lilacs and dashing sprays of white dogwood to mimic Louise B. Fisher's arrangement (pictured in yesterday's post) from an 18th Century Garland.  The container, a tall milk glass vase (although not period correct), casts an old-world majesty to the fading tulip petals while resembling 17th and 18th century still life paintings. 

Nature colors our world wonderfully.  Having been the inspiration for many creative endeavors throughout history, the season's splendor can inspire us to create our own arrangement reminiscent of by-gone relics and luscious landscapes.  All the more a perfect reason to highlight nature's fleeting beauty and revel in the present moment.