A spell of warm summer air swept through the valley this week, bringing fresh blooms and foliage to their peak.  This very full arrangement of white lilacs, cream-colored dogwood, and airy bridals wreath presents a monochromatic display of Eighteenth-Century Florals (as you know, last winter I demonstrated a similar form with dried flowers).  My inspiration for creating this piece was taken from paintings and illustrations of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly the work of artist and botanist Robert Furber.  This piece is not a recreation of his work, but more my own rendition. 

As I placed the finishing sprigs of bridals wreath into the arrangement, the sweet perfume of lilacs permeated the studio, and I thought to myself how therapeutic the smell of flowers really are and who wouldn't want this heavenly scent wafting through their home.  All the more reason to grace my fireplace mantle with this piece for a weeknight dinner.