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Floral preserves are a delightful treat anytime of year, especially in the midst of winter.  One taste of this Dandelion Syrup will transport your mind to warmer days and sunshine. Its rich flavor and vivid color is similar to dark wild honey.  For more information about the health benefits of dandelions read here.


1 quart of dandelion flowers gathered in the warm sun. Remove any bugs and stems. It is not necessary to wash the flowers or remove the green since all parts of the dandelion are edible. 

2 cups of water placed in a sauce pan with flowers. Bring just to a boil and turn off. Remove from heat and steep overnight. The next day, strain flowers through a sieve pressing to remove all liquid.

To this juice add:

2 cups of raw organic sugar

1 slice of lemon (more lemon will sour the blend)

Optional: 1 slice of ginger root & cinnamon stick

Return to the stove and simmer on low heat (high heat will destroy the vitamins).  Cook 80 minutes or until the consistency is a thick-flowing syrup.  If too thick it will crystallize when stored- If too thin, it may sour.  For immediate use, pour hot syrup into a pint jar, cool and store in the refrigerator.  To preserve for winter, pour hot syrup into sterilized jelly jars with boiled lids and seal.

I first discovered this recipe from famed herbalist Maria Treben, who has written many insightful books and recipes about herbs.  She recommends eating this Dandelion Syrup as a delicious condiment with hot ginger biscuits and tea- sounds wonderfully indulgent to me! 

In a time when society has moved away from the natural rhythm of the seasons and created its own world of light and dark, we can still turn to the earth's abundant supply of herbal medicines known to us in the form of weeds.  These natural cures are available to everyone and can be cherished for free