In a recent post, I showcased the Rhododendron leaf as an elegant focal point for modern-style centerpieces.  This voluptuous 18th century-style arrangement utilizes the Rhododendron bloom with purple phlox to highlight a dramatic display of June's stunning flowers.  A palette of pink, mauve and purple is very plentifully this month - these blooms reflect the softness of early summer while providing a visual treat for indoor environments.  Vibrant garden blooms paired with gentle wildflowers harmonize seamlessly to set the mood for a relaxed yet sophisticated arrangement.

Nature's endless range of spectacular hues allows us to mix unconventional flowers with conventional methods.  I love showcasing humble wildflowers and weeds with classic forms that may at times be overly stuffy if composed of florist blooms only.  Next time you create a large centerpiece for yourself, try utilizing wild botanicals - you may be surprised with the results.

The everyday is special,