Who can resist the lovely scent of Lily of the Valley?  An entire room can be infused with only a few stems of tiny flowers.  This table centerpiece, comprised of one large bouquet of Lily of the Valley, three Ostrich Ferns and wispy Honeysuckle vine, adds whimsey and sweet perfume to any space.

In the Language of Flowers Lily of the Valley signifies the return of happiness

Each year I methodically pick a small bouquet in tribute to my mother.  This little flower has brought me plenty of sentimental cheer since it was her favorite.  The love she had for botanicals has now carried into my life and the Lily of the Valley represents that continuation of happiness.

This small flower is easily preserved by allowing the stems to remain in water until they dry and the water evaporates.  The bell-shaped flowers turn from bright white to vintage cream while still retaining their sweet fragrance for years.

Memories are celebrated with flowers.