When it comes to floral containers, I prefer vintage to brand new; for that reason, I scout local thrift stores and antique shoppes often.  These crystal vases, shown in the photos above, are some of my treasures found on a recent rummaging excursion.

When I spotted these vases, I knew exactly what flower they would perfectly showcase: Lily of the Valley.  

The milky white buds of the Lily of the Valley contrast very well with the clear-chunky crystal vases creating a stunningly classic look with little effort.  The height and opening of the vases also makes flower arranging a cinch, notice the glass frog.  Tomorrow I'll post my finished arrangement.

Antique auctions and flea markets always provide a wealth of creative resources and discoveries.  The thrill of hunting for gems or bargains is a great way to detox from a hectic work week...and not to mention, a nice excuse to frill-up the house with flower arrangements.  We all know the therapeutic and energizing benefits of "shopping therapy."  Only one word of caution: Antiquing can be habit forming.

See what you will discover this weekend,