The common dandelion weed is one of Nature's greatest healing aids for liver, gallstones, and blood disorders. The whole plant has medicinal powers. The best time to gather the plant is before the flowers appear in early spring.

This Chai Tea Recipe uses both the dandelion root and leaf.  It also incorporates raspberry leaves and other spices.  Even people who don't care for the taste of dandelion can enjoy this delicious tea.  Be sure to gather plenty of dandelion greens and roots this spring so you can utilize them in winter- just remember to store them in air-tight containers after drying.  Keep a jar of the Chai tea (below) in your cupboard for a warming and healthy treat.

DANDELION CHAI TEA | Liver & Blood Cleanser

1/8 part crushed nutmeg

1/8 part crushed cloves

1/8 part crushed cinnamon sticks

1/16 part whole peppercorn

1 vanilla bean

1 part dried raspberry leaf

1 part dried dandelion root

1 part dried dandelion leaf  

1/8 part dried ginger root

1/8 part all spice

DIRECTIONS: For 1 cup of tea, use 1 teaspoon of each leaf, root, and spices. Simmer in hot water for 15 minutes and strain. Add 1/2 cup of milk (almond or coconut is delicious) and heat again.  Sweeten and enjoy.

NOTEFor gift giving: Mix leaves, roots, and spices together in a pretty jar with a tag  of instructions.

Renew your vitality and zest with a cup of Chai Dandelion Tea.

Make every day better!