Making time for a cup of tea mid-morning or late afternoon, gives opportunity to slow down, relax, and build a pause in the day. This moment may be shared with a friend or enjoyed in the quietness of solitude.  The tradition of drinking tea originated as a practice of medicinal healing.  For thousands of years, many cultures have regarded tea as a key to good health and happiness. 

In Japan, Cha-no-yu, otherwise known as tea ceremonies, captures the essence of one's place in time by appreciating the uniqueness of the moment, place, season, and existence in a greater world.  These fundamentals can also be found in Japanese architecture, gardens and the ikebana style flower arranging. Every aspect of the tea ceremony supports simplicity, balance, and order by not detracting from the present moment.

My recent exploration of Japanese art forms awakens my appreciation of beauty, and leads me to see every culture's quest for health, vitality, and nature.  All of these principals are available to everyone, if we slow down, reflect, and drink in the significance of the moment.

Just to note: these highly scented Oswego tea leaves (pictured above) are conducive to relaxation, whether you prefer it steaming or chilled.

Life is better with tea,