This week I heard the first spring peepers filling the night air with song. It is music to my ears. Warmer weather officially arrives in our valley when we hear the frogs down by the creek. Due to the unusually cold winter and late spring, the crocuses and the peepers are appearing in the same week instead of months apartOn chilly nights the creek banks remain quiet but if warm breezes blow and temps start to rise, all peepers join in a never-ending chorus sounding like sleigh bells on a team of work horses.  At times the noise it is almost deafening. Some, like myself, consider these peepers to be spring’s ultimate harbinger. 

Before we know it, all is quiet again. By May, the little frogs leave the wetlands and make their way to our backyards. As mature tree frogs, they continue serenading us with night sounds.

The earth is full of music if we have ears to hear it.

Taking joy in the day,