In William Penn's book Some Fruits of Solitude he writes about the madness of life that changes only when we take initiative to step-aside, reflect, and make resolutions to live with more focus and purpose.

Until we are persuaded to stop and step a little aside - out of the noisy crowd and encumbering hurry of the world - and calmly take a view of things, it is impossible to make a right judgment about ourselves or know our own miserable condition. But after we make an honest evaluation - solitude and reflection help us do this - we begin to recognize that the world is largely insane, and that we have been caught in a sort of madness all this while. 

Whether young or old, don't think it too early or too late to turn over the leaves of your past.........Whatever you would do if you could re-live your past, be sure to do on similar occasions for the rest of your life.

Perhaps "the good ole days" are no different from today.  I do believe that each generation must find their own road to happiness and ways to balance the demands of life. We get only one chance to live this life, why not slow down and enjoy the journey. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 
Do something that makes you smile.....and feel happy inside.