This Milkweed Pod Arrangement is inspired by a Japanese style of floral design: Ikebana.  This traditional art form originating from Japan is steeped in an ancient philosophy to develop a closeness or oneness with nature.  The design principles of Ikebana utilize and demonstrate minimal materials, graceful lines, and natural shapes.  In the same way that a sculpture or painting is considered art in the western world, Ikebana is viewed as an equal expression of art.  With its rich recorded history, theory, and creativity, flower arranging is transformed from a mundane activity of the common to a disciplinary practice for the masters. I'll be sharing more about Ikebana in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, here are some photos of my attempts to showcase this fascinating art form.

More about the piece: The a-symmetry of a long-stemmed milkweed pod sprouts from the base of an anagama-fired bowl simulating how it was found in nature.  Muted colors and dark hues mirror the landscape where the materials were found, evoking a since of the natural world indoors.  Fluffy plumes of milkweed and squirrel-eaten nuts contrast nicely by symbolizing the elements of earth, wind, and sky.

Stay tuned,