On any woodland trail you're likely to find a wide selection of moss, lichen, and fungi. The photo above shows my collection from today's walk. Although these materials can be found any time of the year, it easier to spot them before the trees and shrubs turn to leaves.  I prefer picking them on sunny days when the lichens are brittle and the moss is dry. Plus, it gives me a reason to go outside and watch the world of nature unfold.

Here are some things to remember when gathering moss, lichens, and fungi:

Gather on sunny dry days when materials tend to be dry (not after a rain).

Carry a basket for collecting delicate lichens and fungi so not to crush them.

Take a sack for the dry sheet moss.  (Wet moss gets heavy quickly)

Store moss in crates and lichens in baskets to allow air circulation.

These materials will last for a year or longer before fading.

Tomorrow I'll showcases an Ikebana Style Centerpiece using moss-covered tree bark for the base. I hope this post inspires you to get outdoors today and discover something new in your surroundings.

Happy Gathering,