When a bright day arrives in early spring, I head for the woods in search of dried materials for home decor arrangements. Today's bounty includes mullein spikes, tree fungus, delicate fern fronds, and the seed heads of spirea.  The rich brown tones of these pods are even more beautiful against a backdrop of glittering snow. When I leave the woods, after an hour or so of gathering, my feed sack is overflowing with goodness. Here are the pictures of my little excursion. 

Fresh air and sunshine always seems to elevate my mood, invigorate my mind, and energize my body.  As I return home with plenty of supplies for crafting another statement piece inspired by 18th century florals, (see my arrangement in tomorrow's Floral Accent Post). I realize how beautiful our world is.  Take a fresh look at the remaining seedpods and wayside weeds on your daily commute this week, and see if you too can find a pocket of gold worthy of picking.
Spring is in the air,