This time of year the landscape is a cross between vivid colors and muddy waters.  The hope of warmer weather and fresh growth prevails over the dark days of spring.  At moments the earth resembles autumn's decay with muted tones of amber burgundy.  And with that in mind, I created this voluptuous centerpiece to embody the delicate grace and forgotten subtleties of the land's transition from dormancy to upsurge.  The description of the pieces is as follows below. 

A pewter vase holds a striking display of dried grasses, pressed ferns, and sage-colored leaves constructed to mimic but a whisper of 18th century floral design.  It's form and soft grasses emanate a calming presence while rusted ombre ferns elude to vibrancy and centeredness.  In the photo above, the arrangement is perched upon a Duncan Phyfe table; however, it may be complementary to address the piece with more humble flare, by setting it amidst a ruff-cut farmhouse table with a dish of hickory nuts (see above left photo).

Nature's beauty is found in the transitional spectrum of life.

Live artfully every day,