We celebrate life in flowers. Think about it for a moment. We celebrate births with flowers, weddings with flowers, anniversaries and holidays with flowers, and flowers provide solace at funerals. With all these flowers, it is easy to make an Family Heirloom Blend of potpourri. This special blend begins with drying the flowers from birthdays, weddings, or other memorial events that included freshly bloomed arrangements.  This mixture continues to increase over the years and can be passed to the next generation.  Each petal will have a story to tell about your family history.

Roses are often the flower of choice for special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries. They are also the easiest most pungent flower to dry.  Only the petals are needed for the potpourri so the blooms can literally dry in the vase. When the petals drop simply scoop them up and place them in a bowl or basket. 


 Remove the flowers from the container or the arrangement.  Use rubber bands to cluster bunches with about 10 stems per bunch.  Hang bunches upside down to dry on coat hangers.  Place hangers in a warm place for several weeks until flower are brittle and completely dry.  Remove flower heads, petals, and leaves and place in a pretty bowl.

Be creative in preserving your keepsake flowers. These gentle reminders of love can bring us great happiness long after the events have passed....and that can contribute to happy heart, which is better than any medicine you can buy.

Life is better with flowers,