During the drab days of spring my inspiration veers towards sculptural forms and neutral colors.  I find  the simple beauty of seed pods and twigs to symbolize the season's transition from winter to warmer days. The materials in this arrangement were gathered along fence rows after the snows had receded.  Below is a brief description of the piece and how it was constructed.

In this arrangement, pods rich in neutral colors, shapes, and textures unite to make a stunning display of sculptural beauty.  Tall mullein spikes give height to tan-colored pods, and fluffy seed plumes from the milkweed plant delicately cling to sprawling gold-colored stems adding airiness to the design.  A dark brown apple-butter crock complements the arrangement's soothing palette while grounding the piece.  The subtle tones and textures of this finished statement showcase nature's overlooked exquisiteness.

The placement of natural accents around the home creates drama and timeless tranquility while bringing the tempo of nature indoors.

Keeping it real,