Anyone can create flower bouquets and simple arrangements with dried flowers. Contrary to what you may think, this activity does not require formal training even for the most complicated displays of floral design, such as the Colonial Era. This bowl is the final centerpiece from my 18th Century Floral Series.  The photos below are taken in the studio during the construction. 

See my final arrangement tomorrow. In reflection, I would like to recap some key points I learned in designing 18th Century Florals, and all this season's dried arrangements for that matter.

It's all about form.  Find a picture that demonstrates period correctness and stick to it.  

Use a foam mold or oasis to secure stems.  Every flower has it's place in the arrangement.

Allow the piece to flow by choosing stems with shape and dimension that will compliment the form.

Stand back from your work every-so-often to examine how it shaping up.

Walk away if it's not working and take a break. A fresh start always helps.

People have been expressing their love of dried flowers in countless ways throughout the ages. Dried flower arrangements can decorate the most sophisticated homes to the humblest of cottages. Natural arrangements complement most decor styles by adding scent, beauty, and serenity to any room.  I find them to be well worth my time and effort in creating.  Best part, they last for many seasons....if not years. 

Give dried flowers a try. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.